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We offer a complete digital signage service, from simple informational displays, to wayfinding, to a fully integrated scheduling system. Screens across your venue can be easily customisable, to show events you’re hosting yet still able to show one-off notices about special occasions. We can design systems that allow your guests to book appointments, and even check themselves in. We are also one of the few AV companies around able to offer completely bespoke content and software design too. Our policy of remaining independent from tie-ins with specific brands means we will design a system holistically, choosing the right hardware for your space and the right software for the content.

Don’t let underperforming A/V systems steal attention from your exceptional service. Experienced in integrating reliable, intuitive A/V solutions into a variety of environments, AV Designers helps hotels, night clubs, restaurants and sports bars deliver the modern technology that guests expect. Whether you need integrated A/V systems for a new location or you’re ready to update your current equipment, AV Designers will provide custom A/V solutions that match the design of your concept and fit your budget.



Experience the magic of cinema sound quality from the comfort of your own home theater. Feel like you’re part of the action with surround sound speakers placed in different areas of the room. Overhead in-ceiling speakers, in-wall and tower speakers come together to create pristine sound quality. Elevate your auditory theater experience with the addition of Dolby Atmos that gives the effect of height speakers.



At the cinema when the lights dim all eyes are focused on the big screen. The expectation is stunning high-resolution graphics and you can achieve this at home with the right screen. When deciding which screen type is best for your home theater, it is important to think about room size and design. For an integrated home theater a large HD TV generally works better for a dedicated theater room. Whereas a room with a beautiful view might be more suited for a retractable screen controlled by a remote, so you can capitalize on the view and the theatre when appropriate.



Provide your corporate guests with easy to use conferencing facilities. Our room solutions include room booking systems, video conferencing, wireless presentation, and commercial grade displays.



Set your lights to dim at the selection of the “movie theater” present creating the perfect viewing experience ambience. Maximize the picture quality with the right amount of lighting and have the cinema experience with floor level and above-head lights. Control it all with a simple smart device or remote control


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We are experts in the design of home theaters or family rooms for our most demanding clients, as well as solutions and systems for multiple rooms and integration with intelligent controls. We offer the peace of mind of being in the hands of expert advisers and the most specialized audiovisual products on the market.​