A Cinematic Experience



Home theater is an audio and video equipment configuration in your home that emulates the movie theater experience. A good home theater setup might provide a more impressive experience than many small multiplex cinema screens.

The application of home theater can vary widely. With a little planning, assembling your home theater can be easy, resulting in an organized, functional, and visually pleasing setup.

Immersive high-resolution audio, high-definition video, smart TV and personalized lighting to create the best experience.



Experience the magic of cinema sound quality from the comfort of your own home theater. Feel like you’re part of the action with surround sound speakers placed in different areas of the room. Overhead in-ceiling speakers, in-wall and tower speakers come together to create pristine sound quality. Elevate your auditory theater experience with the addition of Dolby Atmos that gives the effect of height speakers.



At the cinema when the lights dim all eyes are focused on the big screen. The expectation is stunning high-resolution graphics and you can achieve this at home with the right screen. When deciding which screen type is best for your home theater, it is important to think about room size and design. For an integrated home theater a large HD TV generally works better for a dedicated theater room. Whereas a room with a beautiful view might be more suited for a retractable screen controlled by a remote, so you can capitalize on the view and the theatre when appropriate.



For a true theater-like experience you will need a high performance full HD or 4K home cinema projector. The vibrant colors, detailed imaging and adjustable aspect ratios this type of project allows will let you view each film and TV show in the way the director intended. Based on your preference and theater design you can choose from a few different projection system options. You can have a projector mounted to the ceiling, a short throw projector or a rear projection system.



Set your lights to dim at the selection of the “movie theater” present creating the perfect viewing experience ambience. Maximize the picture quality with the right amount of lighting and have the cinema experience with floor level and above-head lights. Control it all with a simple smart device or remote control



When it’s movie time, close your automated shades with the press of a button. Your home theater shades can be designed with special material that keeps the room dark and controls how much light comes through. No need to worry about getting up to control the shades when you can do it with your mobile device or remote from the comfort of your seat.



One of the best aspects of the cinema is the seating. Enjoy the comfort of theater-style seating in your own home theater. With high-end construction and design ergonomics have theater seating that takes the experience to the next level. You can even create a custom layout with loveseats, sectionals, multimedia sofas and lounge style options. Match the color of your seating to the design of your theater room and décor.


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